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Embrace the Power of AI and Robots in Education!

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Join the Education Revolution with Eagle 6.0

Welcome to the Future of Education! Introducing Eagle 5.0, the world’s first production-ready humanoid robot teacher, designed and manufactured by the Eagle Robot Lab.


What we Offer

Eagle Eco System

Eagle 6.0

Eagle 6.0 humanoid robot designed for robot assisted classroom teaching.

AI Mentor App

The virtual eagle app has been developed to enhance the personal tutor experience.

Customized Content

We create and curate content across different curricula and programmes.

Central Command Centre

Access to customized dashboards of the central command centre on purchase of Eagle robot.

Collaborative Learning Model

Collaborative learning model combines human intelligence and artificial intelligence to improve learning, academic rigor, and teacher performance.



Here are some impressive highlights achieved during the trials of our indigenous humanoid robot, Eagle 5.0!

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Lessons Conducted

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Students Taught

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Performance Improvement*

Our Philosophy

Empowering students through personalized education and cutting-edge technology


To develop innovative intelligence by collaboration between human intelligence and artificial intelligence


To empower students through the seamless integration of human intelligence and artificial intelligence, providing personalized, high-quality education that enhances academic rigour

From the desk of the MD and CEO

Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

CEO & MD, Indus Trust

Personalization is the key principle for learning in the 21st Century. The specific purpose of personalization is not to improve academic scores as in tutorials, that is incidental. Personalization aims at coaching a child to be an independent learner. To be an independent learner is the most effective way for an individual to prepare for a future we do not know – a future that cannot be predicted.



We are intelligence in action.

Our leadership team exemplifies intelligence in action, leveraging their collective expertise to drive the company’s success through informed decision-making, strategic planning, and effective execution

Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

CEO & MD, Indus Trust

Mrs Sarojini Rao

Principal- Indus International School Bangalore

Vignesh Rao

Director ERL