Why Us

Why Robot Teachers?

Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence = INNOVATIVE INTELLIGENCE

From Exam-Centric to Lifelong Learning

The purpose of education is shifting from traditional objectives of learning for exams and marks to preparation for life and lifelong learning.

Empowering Future-Ready Children

Keeping in mind the volatile and uncertain world we live in, education should prepare children for life rather than just exams and universities.

From Subject Instructors to Potential Catalysts

Role of the teacher is evolving from the traditional role of just teaching the subject to teaching the child and unlocking the child's potential.

Adapting to the Future

Re-skilling is essential as exponential technologies are accelerating and reducing the gap between human and artificial intelligence as we move into an era of combination of man-machine teams.

Thriving in a Tech-Driven World

Technology is enabling rapid obsolescence of jobs and knowledge which in turn emphasizes the need for humans to reskill to survive and collaborate with Al and machines.

Teacher with Eagle robot, the Robot takes over 90% of the repetitive tasks:

  • Pre-loaded content and lesson plans
  • Content delivery
  • Feedback after every lesson
  • Clearing doubts
  • Gauging student engagement levels
  • Automated assessment with Prescriptive and predictive feedback

Teacher has more time for:

Formative and Summative assessment


Processes for academic rigour


Homework assignment and campus duties


Teacher have no time to:

  • Personalize learning
  • Inspire the child
  • Individual attention to the child
  • Teach what Google cannot teach
  • Focus on the holistic development of the child

90% of the teachers time goes into

To teach the




Collaborative Learning Model

The collaborative learning model has been indigenously designed to facilitate collaboration between human intelligence and artificial intelligence to enhance the effectiveness of learning, academic rigor and improve teacher performance

Increases effectiveness of learning, student performance and academic rigour

Improves teachers performance and progress

Optimize teachers workload



Here are some impressive highlights achieved during the trials of our indigenous humanoid robot, Eagle 5.0!

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Lessons Conducted

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Students Taught

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Subject Covered

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Performance Improvement*

Customized Content

The Eagle Robot Lab creates and curates content across different curriculums and programmes for Eagle. This content is created in house by a team of experienced teachers and graphic designers. The content design follows the mantra of simple yet effective graphics and animation which enhances the learning in the classroom. It is customized to the requirements of the school and curriculum which allows the content to be relevant. Content can also be created in different languages.